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Businesses entering a new market or developing a new product or service must consider a wide range of complex factors. None the less are the economic assumptions underpinning a strategy!

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Our services to support business planning combine advanced technical resources with commercial awareness based on in-depth direct experience of specific industry sectors. Our specialists, whilst offering leading-edge economic skills, also understand the commercial imperatives that drive business success

  • A complex range of economic factors need to be analyzed before the launch of a new business venture. Competitors and customers, sources of revenue and the likely position of the competition authorities are just some of the most prominent considerations.
  • Addressing a new market means building and understanding of the many different strands that influence the relative strength and weaknesses of an economy. Macro-economic considerations need to be taken into account alongside specific and detailed analysis of the potential market for a particular product or service.
  • Building the models to support a new business strategy draws on a range of complementary skills and knowledge. Advanced econometric models and quantitative analyses need to be constructed alongside specific and in-depth industry knowledge if they are to provide market insight.

Confused or Worried on similar scenarios?

  • New product launch. Introducing a new product or service successfully rests on a complex range of factors. However, without a detailed understanding of the specific economic environment any launch is bound to struggle.

How can WE Help?

  • We apply our economic skills to provide our clients with clear insights into the markets that they wish to enter, enhancing their ability to execute a successful product launch. Our approach is driven by our client’s individual commercial objectives. We can provide "top-down" analysis that considers broad economic factors to build a model of market demand and revenue forecast.
  • Alternatively, we can apply our economic analysis to the provision of "bottom-up" analysis. Working with research agencies we are able to build a detailed, quantitative model based on potential customers' expressed preferences. This can generate considerable insight at the product design and development stage