Company Formation

Setting up business in the United Arab Emirates

Company Law

  • It is mandatory to have a local sponsor for acquiring the requisite trade license and for establishing such a presence by a foreign business entity in the UAE.
  • The company law states that minimum 51% shareholding should be with a local sponsor (UAE National) and 49% can be divided among the expatriates
  • A sponsor usually receives a consideration agreed lump sum depending on the type of business activity performed by the company sponsored.
  • A local sponsor merely provides the legal requirement to establish a presence, but may not need to participate in the capital of the foreign company nor be responsible for the management

Types of Licenses

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Why form your company with us?

We, HORWATH MAK Consulting, a Business Consulting and Auditing firm based in U.A.E, has its presence in all the Emirates. We have been established in UAE in 1981 and have been operating within and outside U. A. E

Our company is recognized by the U.A.E Central Bank, Commercial Banks and Financial Institutions, Municipality and Chamber of Commerce and other Government and Semi Government Departments.

Our professional staff is specially trained to cater to the client’s needs, understanding the nature and requirements of their business and providing advice on the most suitable working environment

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A hassle free process with Horwath MAK Consulting; than going round and round with different government departments and getting disappointed without an amicable solution. This is where we come in, with thousands of hours of experience and the right network channels we can guarantee that you are choosing a right solution for your business. Our experienced consultants provide A-Z consultancy in setting up client’s business in UAE - business suitable in mainland or any of the free zones

Horwath MAK International Consulting has registered more than 100 companies since January, 2008 till date which shows partnering with an average of 10-12 companies a month on “company formations”.

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Advantages of the companies in Mainland

  • No taxes levied.
  • No Audited Balance Sheet required.
  • 10 – 50 visas, depending on the size & activity of the company.
  • Efficient and effective infrastructure.

Advantages of the companies in Free Zones

  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • 100% corporate and personal income tax exemption.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits.
  • Less expensive.
  • Abundant and inexpensive energy.
  • No Currency restrictions.